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The Problem
The New Alternative
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Be a Mind Mechanic!
The Problem

No matter the industry, everyone wants to perform exceptionally well in his or her career. In fact, most of us want to be promoted, have more responsibilities, and become a leader. However, sometimes, even if you are doing well at your work, you may feel that you are stuck in your professional life and cannot really get ahead.

Do you think that you don’t have the toughness and assertiveness to compete in a cutthroat work environment? Are you starting to wonder if you will ever find success on your own terms? Get in touch with me. I have found an alternative and more effective strategy to reach your own goals.

The New Alternative

Have you tried popular success strategies, such as setting hard goals, networking more, and visualizing your future? If you are still not seeing any improvement in your career life, then you should disregard the old methods and try mine.

My strategy is different from the common ways because mine uses an inside-out approach and focuses on your personal development so that you can work at your highest potential. I can help you forget about your work, boss, colleagues, and organization for a moment. This way, you can take a break and focus on yourself—what you’re thinking and feeling.

I believe that you don’t need to wait for and rely on anyone else to give you a career boost. When you are in control of your thoughts, you are in control of everything else, including your feelings, behavior, results—even the reality you are living in. If you need to stop feeling scared, anxious, or in a hurry to please others, you should read my e-book, “From People Pleaser to Player: 3 Steps to Overcome Self-Doubt and Become a Leader at Work.” I have written ways on how you can avoid stress when you’re trying to assert yourself, and I’ve shared practical mind management skills that will help you succeed on your own terms. Do you want to have the strength to confront people, face problems, and take the lead? This book is for you.

The Author

I ventured into the industry because I wanted to help people who feel stuck in their career. When I was working, I also had a hard time in my job—not because it was difficult or demanding, but because I didn’t have the self-mastery needed to perform at my best. Back then, I tended to avoid conflict by agreeing to perform tasks that I didn’t want to do. I kept quiet when I should’ve spoken up, and I blamed other people and the organization for my feeling of powerlessness. Thinking that I was performing well, I couldn’t understand why I was making so little progress in my career.

After I graduated from college, I was employed by an international bank and had the good fortune to work overseas in countries such as Germany, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brunei. I stayed with this large corporate system for 10 years and strived to produce great results without realizing that I was the only reason for my lack of progress. Later on, I quit my banking career, thinking that the appreciation of my talents and hard work was insufficient. Then, I spent the next 10 years in another large organization as a corporate trainer, teaching communication skills to executives. However, I still found myself stuck in a rut.

It was only when I established my own training consultancy and became a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that I found out the reason for my slow career progress. While I was studying NLP, I learned that what goes on inside us controls and greatly affects what happens to us on the outside. From then on, I stopped blaming my boss, colleagues, company, and country for how things turned out for me. I realized that way I thought about them somewhat controlled how I felt about them, which affected my behavior around them and the outcome I produced.

Seeing the positive effect that this strategy has had in my life, I decided to share this alternative path to success with everyone, especially with those who feel the same way I once felt.

Be a Mind Mechanic!

With my help, you can possess the self-mastery needed to enhance your personal and professional life. I will teach you how to manage your thoughts and feelings moment by moment. The result will be new behaviors and new outcomes for you.

I currently live in Singapore as an author and speaker, and I am excited to show people how to use their mind and emotions to achieve success in their career. If you want to become a new person, who appreciates and respects himself or herself and who does not see working with challenging people and situations as anxiety provoking as before, contact me. Join the conversation, and reconnect with yourself. Together, we will forge a new path to the top.

My Expertise

I aim to bring a new perspective on reaching personal improvement in business. For this goal, I have studied and researched a lot to master these skills:

Public Speaking

I attended training to be an expert in communication.


I can clearly and coherently express my thoughts in writing.


I have the necessary skills to help you attain your goals.


I have an extensive knowledge of personal development.

Who I Am

Communications Expert

MBA Holder

NLP Master Practitioner

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